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How It Works

Get into the process.

Join the Get Fit Crew with a Three-month membership. Starting September 14th, 2021. Click below for our pre-launch price and payment details.



Consistent with the process.

Attend classes and/or watch On Demand — Consistent with the cardio workouts and creative assignments in between.


Transparency with the process. Be Vulnerable --- We are here for each other --- Open to feedback --- trust yourself --- take risk and try something different.


Stick to the process.  Follow nutrition plans --- Growth Mindset & Spirit --- Ask questions --- Converse with one another.

Declare the process.  Release weight --- Lose inches --- Ensue strength & power.

Enjoy the process.  Feel & look good --- Like what you see in the mirror.


Define the process.  Have clarity & Reach your goals.


Trust the process. Put yourself first!



You Deserve to Be Fit!


The act of feeling good physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and more!

Fitness is a Lifestyle 


"Fitness is a lifestyle that can be rewarding, challenging, and confusing,” says Get Fit with Nik CEO and founder Nikki Kimbrough.


“There’s so much information out there, you are unsure what to do, where to go and who to follow.  Through observing clients, friends, and my own personal experiences, I’ve discovered that fitness starts with you.


It starts with discovering what you like and what makes you feel good.  Fitness is a personal journey that can affect your job performance, your family, personal relationships, and your self-esteem. It’s all about YOU! You Finding Your Fit!" 

My friend and life coach La Shell Wooten says

"Speak What You Want."

Well Let's Speak It Right Now!

“I want to be FIT!”

(Say it Loud)

“I will be FIT!”


“I am FIT!”

Still Thinking... We've Got More!

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Others will show you that quick fix.

The Get Fit Crew will prepare you for the marathon!

Focusing on longevity; what your body, brain, and soul needs for the long haul.

You Want to Be Fit!


The act of feeling good physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and more!


Reality Check

There is a movement happening towards a healthy lifestyle. With the growing number of disease inflected deaths, people are choosing fitness over fries to continue living the life they want.  In the midst of everything going on in the world, self care is a must, so we can be and give our best.  Joining The Get Fit Crew, will support you in creating balance, providing tools to be the healthiest and happiest versions of YOU. --- Finding Your Fit!


  • Heart disease is the leading cause of death for men, women and people of most racial and ethnic groups in the United States. About 647,000 Americans die from heart disease each year - that's 1 in every 4 deaths --- June 2020.

  • Depression is one of the leading causes or injury worldwide for both men and women; more than 264 million people affected.  Suicide is the second leading cause of death in 15-29-year olds. --- January 2020


  • Heart disease is the leading cause of death for women in the United States, killing 299,578 women in 2017—that’s about 1 in every 5 female deaths.

  • Heart disease and cancer are the leading cause of death in men --- 2017

  • 3.7 million (14.7%) of all African Americans aged 20 years or

      older have diabetes​​

  • Childhood obesity has more than doubled in children and quadruples in adolescents in the past 30 years.

  • Overweight and obesity are present in over one-third of the pediatric populated aged 2-19 years --- June 2019

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We live in a world where it’s so easy to put everyone else’s needs before your own.  Easy to give excuses. Easy to put off today what you can do tomorrow.

Easy to be Busy Busy Busy…  



  • Unclear on where you are currently


  • You get so busy, and you do not eat.  Your body goes into starvation mode and when you get home, you grab anything you can put your hands on.  Next thing you know you’ve eaten all the chips/cookies, the kids fruit snacks and/or several tablespoons of peanut butter out the jar. (oops the peanut butter one is mine…)

  • Checking social media, emails and watching the news as soon as you open your eyes.


  • Busy life is not a productive life; distracting to the mind; detrimental to your body and destructive to your soul.

  • Letting self-care become a random occurrence and having temptations and triggers around.

  • Always saying yes; allowing your time to be taken and waisted.


  • Being swept up in unimportant tasks.

  • Allowing your ego to get in the way.

  • Looking for a quick fix, instant gratifications, things that feel good for the moment.


This is unjust and imbalanced.

At Get Fit with Nik, we are determined to support you in changing all of this.



It's all about learning the fundamentals of fitness, loving yourself and living your best life! It's time to get back to the basics, put yourself first and live a life of joy, love, prosperity, fun and abundance. 





  • Taking assessments of your overall strengths, identify your obstacles, learn your language, and define your purpose.


  • Fueling the body with proper nutrition, still enjoying fun foods, consistency, additional supplements.


  • Begin each day balanced in mind, body, and spirit with a “morning ritual,” focusing on growth mindset.




  • Building a routine of self-care and intentional rest to feel and bring your best to the world.


  • Taking incremental steps to form positive habits, making them a part of your lifestyle.


  • Setting boundaries and knowing when to say "YES" to things that are aligned with your purpose and “NO” to everything else.




  • Implementing activities that evoke vitality, balance, joy, and relaxation.


  • Embracing your vulnerabilities and asking for help.


  • Focusing on longevity; what your body, brain and soul needs for the long haul.


This is learning, loving, and living healthy.

At Get Fit with Nik, we support you in Finding Your Fit!

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Why the Community is Great

Statistically, the people we surround ourselves with are the biggest influence on our behavior, attitudes and results.



Research shows that the people you habitually associate with determine 95% of your success or failure in life.



If you’re hanging out with people who think wellness is a waste of time, full of excuses, not ready to feel good, it’s highly likely that’s what your fitness level will be.



Now it’s normal to be nervous, full of questions and even scared. That’s real! That’s authentic. This group will support you on the journey, taking risk with you and cheering on each other along the way.



Having the right community is imperative to reaching your goals, feeling good and Finding Your Fit!

We Promise

When You Join The Get Fit Crew

  • You will have group classes on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

  • You will have access to all group classes on the Get Fit with Nik On Demand page.


  • You will have weekly strength and cardio workouts in between the group classes.

  • You will receive nutrition plans from the Certified Nutritionist on The Get Fit with Nik Team.

  • You will learn what to eat and how to eat for you and your lifestyle!

  • You will receive meal plans, meal prep demonstrations and supplement guidance.

  • You will receive growth mindset work and activities.

  • You will receive yoga & meditation.

  • You will receive stretching and myofascial release guidance.

  • You will receive fun, challenging  and variety workouts with Nikki & her special guests.

  • You will receive workshops that include chats with life coaches, a food relationship doctor, sexual fitness, financial fitness and more.

  • You will receive a diverse & inclusive on-line community that’s got your back.

  • You will receive Get Fit with Nik Start-up Kit and  Goodies.


When you join The Get Fit Crew...

  • Releasing weight & inches and/or ensuing strength & power.

  • Feeling and looking good (physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and more).

  • Liking what you see in the mirror inside & out.

  • Having clarity in what you want and reaching your goals.

  • Adding nutritious foods that work for you and your lifestyle into your daily routine and consistent movement and workouts.

  • Going after your goals.

  • Implementing joy, vitality and fun.

  • Being around people that will cheer you on every step of the way and support you with accountability.

  • Putting YOU First In the Midst of it All!

When you join The Get Fit Crew...
  • Being confused on what to do, where to go and who to follow.

  • Fixed mindset.

  • Being trapped in the diet wars.

  • Questioning your decisions.

  • Procrastinating to workout. 

  • Not feeling like yourself.

  • Putting other people's needs in front of your needs.

Get Even More
Out of The Get Fit Crew


Get Fit Add-Ons

Sometimes you may want a little extra and we have it for you!

See Below...

Certified Nutritionist & Dietician on The Get Fit with Nik Team.

  • Learn What to Eat and How to Eat Best for You!

  • One-On-One Nutrition Consultation

  • Meal Plans & Supplements.

Workshops (to be announced) that include chats with Life Coaches, a Food Relationship Doctor, Sexual Fitness, Financial Fitness & More.

Click Here To Email Us About Additional Pricing & Availability

Join The Get Fit Crew

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