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Company History

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Get Fit With Nik, Inc., was originally Get Fit W Nik, Inc., founded in December 2008.  I, Nikki Kimbrough created Get Fit W Nik, Inc. after my near seven years as a spokesperson for Bally Total Fitness.  In 2008, Bally Total Fitness filed for bankruptcy and I was laid off.  Whereas my colleagues were going to work for other fitness chains, I decided to combine my corporate public relations and personal training experiences and birth Get Fit W Nik, Inc.  It started off as a personal training and group exercise business and I was the only employee.  As time moved on, the business began to grow.  I began to share my knowledge of fitness on national media outlets and at corporate events. In 2015, I realized the company was becoming more than a “personal training” business; therefore, I made a slight change and changed the name from Get Fit W Nik, Inc. to Get Fit With Nik, Inc.  As “cheesey” as it may sound, spelling out the “WITH,” made it feel like the business was growing and encompassing more.


Get Fit With Nik, Inc., has legally been established since December 1st, 2015.  "Get Fit with Nik, Inc.," is coming up on six years and I'm starting to see the vision that I had in mind for Get Fit with Nik.  So I'm in the midst of rebranding the business. Get Fit with Nik’s original tag line was “Learning, Loving and Living Healthy; Learning the fundamentals of fitness, loving yourself and living your best life.” That message has been great for Get Fit with Nik.  It was the message that supported me as I was the resident fitness expert for The Steve Harvey Show (Chicago), a fitness expert staple on Good Morning America and other network television shows to name a few. Then things began to change.  I, the former collegiate, professional athlete was used to the triumphs and as I began to move into my late 30’s and early 40’s, I began to experience loss and tragedy. And as a fitness expert for 20 years I realized that I needed more than push ups and squats. “Learning, Loving and Living Healthy, " is still a part of my messaging.  It's just now I know that it's what supports you in FINDING YOUR FIT!

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