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Ready To Find Your Fit?

 Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, and Spiritually

Making Time For R&R

30-Day Program

Nov 1st - Nov 30th


Making Time For R&R

Recommit & Rediscover

Recalibrate & Rebuild

Restore & Renew

Because You Are
Relentless & Resilient!

I Have A Few Questions

Do you feel out of alignment?

Are you holding on to things that don't service you anymore?

Does this fast-paced hustle culture overwhelm you?

Do you enjoy having joy, peace, and freedom?

Are you looking to feel good physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually?

In 30 Days
Recommit to yourself and Reclaim your freedom  

Rediscover what you like and Reignite your creativity 
 your body and Recalibrate your mind

Restore your peace and Renew your spirit
Recharge your energy and Realign your emotions 
Rest and Relax 

Hi I'm Nikki, also known as Get Fit with Nik and a proud lululemon ambassador. In 30 days, I'm going to help you Find Your Fit  through the importance of R&R. Making time to recommit and rediscover; recalibrate and rebuild; then restore and renew because you are relentless and resilient.

R&R comes in many forms. It can include fun activities or simply time to unplug. It can mean more sleep, getting exercise, scheduling meditation, or spending time finding what makes you feel good physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Ultimately  it means giving yourself some "me time," some time to rest and relax.


When Is It?

Wednesday, Nov 1st - Thursday, Nov 30th

What Does The Program Include?


Three Classes a Week

  • 2 Get Fit with Nik Classes

  • 1 Guest Instructor Class 

  • Classes available On-Demand (in case you miss a class)                                      

​​Online Community

  • Private online community

  • Interactive & Weekly Facebook Lives

  • Participant spotlight 

lululemon Swag

Check-ins & Ending Celebration



Tell Me More!

Virtual Program
Wednesday, Nov 1st - Thursday, Nov 30th

Get Fit with Nik Classes
Basics * Strength  * Cardio * Conditioning * HIIT

Mondays & Wednesdays

Online Guest Speaker
Life Coach * Nutritionist * Holistic Therapist * Trainer


Guest Classes
Yoga * Kickboxing * Barre



Ending Celebration


Wednesday, Nov 30th 

Online Community, Facebook Lives, Weekly Check-ins,
Guest Speakers


Ready For R&R

Let's Find Your Fit!


I’m your teammate, your trainer, your sister, and most importantly, I’m your friend. 

I’m right here with you! This is deeper than push-ups & squats. I’m going to win with you, be scared with you, discover things with you, laugh and cry with you. I’m going to enjoy that glass of wine with you.


And I'm going to show up for you!


Now some days are going to be challenging, and some days may be deeper than others… Just remember this:

Don’t You Quit!  Find Your Fit!  And Come "R&R" With Nik! 

--- Nikki Kimbrough
Get Fit with Nik
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