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Fall & Winter 2020
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You are persistent in the midst of a global pandemic. You are DOING IT! You are balancing your new normal, making sure your family and friends are well, deciding if your kids are going to study in-person or virtually, whether you are working from home or going in the office, or rearranging your job situation, using this time to flex your entrepreneurial skills, adjusting to loss, finding your voice and standing up for what is right and so much more...whooo!  You are resilient and making a way.  In the midst of your resilience you get to keep your body and soul together. 


Welcome to the Get Fit with Nik, REDEFINING FIT Series. This series will support you in self-care and putting yourself first in the midst of everything.   REDEFINING FIT will support you in reaching your goals through the following programs: 

  • REDEFINING FIT: Transforming Your Life in 15 Weeks

  • REDEFINING FIT: HIIT & Strength Quarters 

  • REDEFINING FIT: One-On-One Training

Let’s make fitness fun, challenging, innovative and an informative lifestyle that enables you to achieve overall wellness, feel good and love you from the inside out. So Are You Ready? Then LET’S GO!

Statistics show that on average, it takes more than two months for a new behavior to become automatic – “66 days to be exact,” says health psychology researcher Phillippa Lally.  I know, we all want to snap our fingers and in 21 days we are snatched, lean and feeling good; however, habits do not work that way. It's a process and  implementing a system.  
A process in which we get to commit to making small, incremental improvements instead of pressuring ourselves into thinking that we “have to do” everything all at once.
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 Now, we can release weight and go after all of our goals in 21 days and guess what is going to happen? We will be miserable, nervous, grouchy and more likely to gain all of our weight back and procrastinate in achieving our goals.
And we will go back to old habits, when we are stressed and upset.  You know why? The focus is not always about the  weight, or the scale, or the squats and the push ups. Dammit, sometimes we need more!  So let's  stop, pivot and implement the system of self-care.
"Love, Assess and Rest!"  

In this 15-week transformational program you are going to:

  • Love = PUT YOU FIRST!

  • Assess = Discover Your Strongest Suit  

  • Rest = Replenish Your Tool Box

This will enable you to discover and participate in new ventures; embrace and enjoy the process; implement and achieve REDEFINING FIT.  Doing things that make you feel good physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and so much more! 

So Are You Ready?

Then Let's Go!

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Transforming Your Life in 15 Weeks
HIIT & Strength Quarters

This high-intensity, upbeat, total-body workout combines high-intensity-interval training, strength, agility and  functional exercises. We're going to integrate balance, core stability and build your cardiovascular and muscular endurance with limited rest while burning up to 600 calories. I will keep you motivated to go for that last squat, pushup and crunch! Come Get Fit, Have Fun and REDEFINE FIT with Nik! 

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One-On-One Training

I'm looking forward to being your teammate in supporting you in reaching your fitness goals. I will tailor workout programs specifically for your needs, wants and desires. You and I will also discover what you enjoy doing and what works well for you and your body.  I will challenge and push you, introduce you to new modalities and provide nutrition and cardio guidance.

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A Portion of all Proceeds goes to the Harlem All-Stars Theater Group

I am the executive director and owner of the Harlem All-Stars Theater Group.

HASTG creates extraordinary theater experiences that Educate, Encourage and 

Inspire underserved youth.  Juniors - ages 7 to 12; and Seniors - ages 13 to 18 


The HASTG Team continues to work with our young performers to provide musical theater and acting activities virtually for the children. With your support, the creative team will be able to continue teaching the young performers and having them explore the fundamentals of the arts.  

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