Get Fit with Nik, Inc 

A lifestyle company that supports you in FINDING YOUR FIT!

Finding what makes you feel good physically, mentally emotionally, spiritually and so much more.

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Get Fit with Nik's mission is to support you in FINDING YOUR FIT by putting yourself first and participating in ventures that make you feel good! 
FINDING YOUR FIT is about Learning, Loving and Living Healthy. Learning the fundamentals, Loving yourself and Living your best life. 
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“Overall wellness is a lifestyle that many of us struggle with today;” says Get Fit with Nik CEO and founder Nikki Kimbrough. “Through observing clients, friends and my own personal experiences, I’ve discovered that fitness is a personal journey that can affect your job performance, your family, personal relationships and your


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FINDING YOUR FIT includes fitness being fun, challenging, innovative and an informative lifestyle that enables you to achieve overall wellness, feel good and love you from the inside out."
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What Makes Get Fit With Nik Different?

In recent years the fitness industry has been oversaturated with various reality shows, social media and fitness experts who make it look easy to become healthy through fad diets and exercise trends. Through observing my clients and my own personal experiences of life’s triumphs and trials, I’ve experienced that people need more. And Get Fit with Nik gives you more in supporting you in FINDING YOUR FIT!  


Get Fit with Nik provides a variety of wellness activities so you will find what works for you. Within the wellness activities, Nikki focuses on longevity; what your body, brain and soul needs for the long haul.

You get the opportunity to implement activities that evoke vitality, balance, joy, relaxation and a growth mindset.

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Reality Check

There is a movement happening towards a healthy lifestyle. With the growing number of disease inflected deaths, people are choosing fitness over fries to continue living the life they want. Get Fit with Nik wants you to stop, pivot and put yourself first. You are your best self when you put you first. And Get Fit with Nik will support you in creating balance, harmony and providing tools to be the healthiest and happiest versions of you.  And recognizing that it's all about FINDING YOUR FIT!