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All Fitness levels
April 27th - May 29th
Tuesdays  Thursdays  Saturdays
7:00am to 8:00am EST
Live with me on ZOOM 
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What You Need For Class?

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Standard Materials You Need For Class

  • Weights (See Below for details and options) - One set of light weights; One set of heavier weights

  • Resistance Cloth Bands "Booty Bands" (please click button for example and/or purchase) Preferably need by week 2

  • Foam Roller Preferably need by week 3

  • A Mat and/or Towel for the floor

  • Water

  • A small towel, because you will sweat

  • YOU!!!

Example of Light Weights

  • 3lbs to 5lbs (2); or if you do not have weights, please see below what you can use in place of weights:

    • 1 litter water bottles (2)

    • canned goods (2)

    • Anything weighted in your home that's about 3lbs to 5lbs (2) and you can hold it.

Example of Heavier Weights

  • 8lbs, 10lbs or more (2); or if you do not have weights, please see below what you can use in place of weights:

    • 1 gallon of water (2) --- The huge poland spring jugs filled with water

    • Liquid Laundry Detergent filled up with liquid detergent or water

    • Anything weighted in your home that's about 8lbs to 10lbs or more (2) and you can hold it. 

*** Special Note: Make Sure You Eat Something at least 30 mins Before Class

If you have any questions please email me: nikki@getfitwithnik.com 

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Payment Options

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Now thru
Friday, April 23rd
Paying with Zelle, Venmo, Cash app (hit privacy setting) and Please type your name and email in the memo section
Once payment is complete, you will receive an email with zoom links and on-demand page
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*A Portion of the Proceeds goes to the
Harlem All-Stars Theater Group*
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