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One-On-One Training

One-On-One Training
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The Get Fit Crew Membership

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Get Fit With Nik

One-On-One Training 


  • 2 to 3 sessions a week with Nikki

  • Goal Setting and Action plans

  • Fitness assessments (weight, measurements, body fat, BMI

  • Optional: before, mid and after pictures for Nikki and clients' records only)

  • Check in dates for measurements

  • Nutrition consultation and guide

  • Cardio guide

Payment Options In-Person

A Portion of all Proceeds goes to the Harlem All-Stars Theater Group

I am the executive director and owner of the Harlem All-Stars Theater Group.

HASTG is a nonprofit that creates extraordinary theater experiences that Educate, Encourage and Inspire underserved youth.  Juniors - ages 7 to 12; and Seniors - ages 13 to 18 


The HASTG Team continues to work with our young performers to provide musical theater and acting activities virtually for the children. With your support, the creative team will be able to continue teaching the young performers and having them explore the fundamentals of the arts.  

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