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Wonder Women Need Love Too

 The Wonder Women Need Love Too Podcast is an extension of the Wonder Women Need Love Too Workshop Series.  It's a podcast for all the women who where many hats. And sometimes we allow those hats to get in the way of self-care and putting ourselves first. This podcast will evoke conversation and community; hear relatable stories and the journeys of fellow "Wonder Women;" and solutions and tools from special "Wonder Women" guest that will enable us to feed our needs, give love to ourselves and to make sure we are creating our own happiness.  So… You Ready?

Then, Game On!

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Fitness Talk Show

Get Fit with Nik Learning Loving Living Healthy Fitness Talk Show hosted by Get Fit with Nik's CEO Nikki Kimbrough, is a lifestyle show that helps people understand the importance of being healthy through learning the fundamentals of fitness, loving ourselves and living our best lives! Learning Loving Living Healthy will take you on a journey and go beyond the obvious health statistics and tap into overall wellness, which includes physical, mental, emotional and spiritual fitness. This show will involve, share and teach the studio audience members and viewers how fitness can be fun, innovative and an informative lifestyle that enables you to be healthy, feel good and love you from the inside out.

"Think Rachel Ray meets Richard Simmons with a sprinkle of Oprah, the wittiness of Kelly Clarkson, the flare of Tamara Hall and Tina Turner as the host!"

--- NK ---

Support from the show’s featured guests including resident field experts, Nikki’s “Get Fit Crew” and more will share their favorite exercises, workout and wellness tips; and share their personal journeys and how making fitness a priority doesn’t mean going to the gym six days a week, working out until you’re totally exhausted and starving yourself for days and weeks to be a smaller size. The support of the show’s featured guests including resident field experts, celebrities, professional athletes and Get Fit with Nik's "Get Fit Crew," sharing their favorite exercises, workouts and tips will show how making fitness a priority can be convenient, fun, challenging and attainable! 

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In addition, authentic stories and results from our viewers will enhance that fitness is a lifestyle that will encourage you to grow, try new things and take control to change, elevate, maintain and live your life in a healthy direction. 


Get Fit with Nik is all about Learning, Loving and Living Healthy. The show will address three components: 

1. Learning the fundamentals of being healthy through physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual fitness. Each episode Nikki and her featured expert will focus on one of the overall wellness topics, physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual fitness. The audience members and viewers will: 

  • Participate in the benefits of physical fitness through the latest strength, nutrition and cardio tips that you can do in the gym, at work, on the go and at home.  

  • Tips on how to enhance mental dexterity and clarity which produces joy, love, peace and positive thoughts that allow you to focus on creativity and execution.

  • Tools that will develop awareness and a deeper understanding of our emotional state and ourselves that lead to success.

  • And finding your spiritual strength by knowing your purpose in life that will fulfill your passion leading you to the top.

  • ***Bonus: We can’t forget about financial and sexual fitness! Tune in and see… 

2. Loving yourself by making the strong emotional connection between loving yourself and being truly healthy. It’s easy to say “love” yourself and much more difficult to describe how to do it. With the support of life coaches, doctors, various health specialist and personal stories, we will learn “how to do it!”  By working on healing from the inside out, doing away with negative and abandonment thoughts, learning and implementing various steps that will develop and enhance the love, respect, adoration, devotion and care we have for ourselves. 

3. Living a healthy lifestyle every day where you actively pursue a life of vigor, fun, love, peace, joy, freedom and prosperity. We will do this by focusing on the fun and helpful tips that keep us going, healthy, curious, laughing and fulfilled. Lifestyle experts including chefs, nutritionist, makeover consultants, stylist, techies, financial experts and more will lend their expertise in this area. In addition, to our “Fit on the Street” (man on the street) segments that involve every-day people and focus on trending fit news of the week. 

Target Audience


  • Gender: The show is expected to have a stronger female following by nature of the subjects, though will include all genders. 

  • Age: The main target audience ranges 27 to 65. Some segments will be targeted towards specific demographics/age range (new moms, millennials, baby boomers, families, etc.).

  • Economic Status: The show will target middle class, entrepreneurs, professionals, visionaries, dreamers, etc.  It will feature products and services that are accessible to almost everyone.


  • First option: A one-hour show that airs Monday thru Friday, mid to late morning (10-11 am).

  • Second option: A one-hour show that airs Monday thru Friday, late afternoon (4 – 5 pm). 

  • Third option: A one-hour show, One Day a week (Saturday/Sunday Mornings).


The Intro: A high fun power warm-up with the host national fitness expert Nikki Kimbrough and “The Fit Crew,” (a group of people, different ethnicities, variety of professions, genders, shapes and sizes who work out with Nikki). The warm-up will consist of a two to three - minute aerobic mini-warm-up/workout with great music to get people excited and rev-ed up. This segment will be interactive with the studio audience having them to join in, sparking viewers at home to participate. The routine will be a basic format every week with additional changes as the show continues. In addition, two audience members will be selected to be apart of the fitness crew. 


a. Segment 1: Learning - The audience members and viewers will participate with Nikki and the day’s featured field expert(s) and learn new workouts, different exercises and tips pertaining to the fitness topic of the day, to add to their daily routines. The tips will range from activities they can do at home, work, in the gym, for fun with family and friends and/or on the go.  Following the workout, audience members and viewers will be able to ask questions in person and via social media outlets.



b. Segment 2: Loving - These features highlight people who have overcome hurdles to reach health and fitness goals.  Segments will introduce and/or follow a person or people as they go through the physical and emotional journey of reaching their wellness goals. These goals run the gamut of weight loss and healthy eating to 

 overcoming substance abuse and getting out of debt. The viewers will experience the trials and tribulations and some will relate and/or encourage people as they work towards their own goals. These segments will feature field experts that include life coaches, nutritionist, doctors, financial advisors, support group leaders and more. Audience members and viewers will be able to ask questions in person and via social media outlets.


c. Segment 3: Living - This part of the show focuses on fun, informative, risk-taking lifestyle tips and trending news of the week. Field experts will come on the show and cook, talk about nutrition and discuss fun everyday topics that people think about, for example: “What’s the best workout shoe?” ---- “What’s the best playlist while working out?” --- And my personal favorite, “What to do with my hair when I workout?”  


*Bonus: “Fit on the Street" - And of course the show will have a Man on the Street component with fitness expert Eddie Carrington. Eddie will interview and talk to people out in “these streets” about the trending fitness news.  The trending news range from celebrity weddings, marathon and triathlon seasons, tech fitness and events to World Cup Soccer, NBA Finals and the Super Bowl. Audience members and viewers will be able to ask questions in person and via social media outlets.This segment will also include contests to reiterate that health and fitness is fun! In fact, It’s a lifestyle!

Why is Their a Need for the 

Get Fit with Nik

Learning Loving Living Healthy Show?

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New Year's Day 2020, I woke up and the news and social media outlets had great tips by amazing fitness experts on getting fit in the New Year.  All the promos and ads on Instagram about getting in shape in the New Year were full of energy.  I slowly found myself scrolling with intention and I felt myself getting a little agitated by every segment and photo I saw about fitness. I finally put my phone down and cut the television off with a slight confusion and disappointment.  I was agitated because me personally was looking for something different.  

Now, the fitness tips and the fitness experts were great. It's just they all were presenting the same message in different packages. Messages that I've been seeing year after year, month after month, day after day.  And If I'm feeling this way, I know there are others. Based off of my personal experiences and talks with my clients, as we get older and experience life we need more. We're looking for fulfillment all around.  Get Fit with Nik Learning, Loving and Living Healthy Fitness Talk Show provides a platform for people to receive and experience fitness physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and so much more! The world needs this! We need This!


Get Fit with Nik Learning Loving Living Healthy will also get people’s endorphins flowing, which will support them to feel better during stressful moments. The show also gives a concentrated push towards overall wellness. Where most talk shows touch on it, there are none that focus solely on the importance of physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, financial and sexual fitness. 


With obesity rates the highest in 30 years and diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis and mental illness steady on the rise throughout the U.S., this show will have a broad audience appeal. Health is a universal concern and this show will continue to make our community aware of the importance of learning the fundamentals of fitness, loving ourselves and living our best lives. The show will create “harmony” and provide tools for the viewers to be the healthiest and happiest versions of themselves possible. Remember, "It's bigger than you!"  And this show will bring us all together in working towards a common goal in feeling good from the inside out.

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