Harlem All-Stars Theater Group

Children's Theater Company - CEO and Executive Director

Nikki combines her passions of performing arts and overall wellness to influence and drive a healthy mindset in our youth.  HASTG creates extraordinary theater experiences that educate, encourage and inspire young people.

Our mission is to EXPOSE the youth to all aspects of the performing arts and wellness and provide a safe space for youth to EXPRESS their creativity. Generating a community of young artists ready to PERFORM and feel good about themselves through authenticity, excellence and love. 

HASTG is in it's fifth season and based in the East Side of Harlem. HASTG has two divisions. Our HASTG Juniors: Performers range between the ages of 7 to 12. And our HASTG Seniors: Performers range between the ages of 12 to 18.  

The creative team continues molding young performers into budding stars and sharing the HASTG values of dedication and discipline; persistence and consistency; love and empowerment.

"As a kid, I had amazing teachers and a wonderful mom that exposed me to the arts.  The arts changed my life and eventually led me to New York City, to live out my dreams.  I love sharing with young performers a combination of what my teachers taught me and my own experiences. I also enjoy working with our team to show the young performers they can do anything!  I believe 'to much is given, much is required.'  It brings joy to my heart to see the young performers learn and SHINE!" --- NK
The Munchkins (The Wiz, Jr.)

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--- The Munchkins (The Wiz, JR)

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"My Shot" - Hamilton The Musical
Funding for HASTG 2020
(itemized list available upon request)
  • ​Staff and Team Payment 
  • License for Show and Music
  • Snacks | Food | Beverages
  • Costumes for performances
  • Hair and Make up for performances
  • Audio/Microphones
  • Field Trips (Broadway shows, talk backs​​)
  • Tickets, transportation, food
  • Sponsorship for May 2020 Gala

For more information on show dates and how to support the Harlem All-Stars Theater Group, click below and visit us!