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Ready To Find Your Fit?

Ready to find what makes you feel good physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually?


Let's Get Back To The Basics!

It's all about the A-B-C's...

Attempt something new

Bypass the Negativity

Choose your Narrative


Find Your Fit!

I Have A Few Questions

Do you feel stuck?

  • Working to get from point A to point B

  • Your energy depleted, because you've put everything and everybody in front of you.

Are you getting older and your body is changing?

  • And the activities you used to do aren't doing it for you anymore.

  • So you find yourself doing things sporadically instead of consistently.

Do you get home and know you should workout or do something?

  • Yet you rather drink that glass of wine;

  • Instead of getting on that treadmill keeping it cute and fine.



Do you sometimes just not know what to do? 

  • Do I take a class, ride my bike, go for a walk, lift weights?

  • Should I meditate, journal, yoga...?

Then you get confused and do nothing.

Guess what? It's time for you to Find Your Fit! 

Hi I'm Nikki, also known as Get Fit with Nik and a proud lululemon ambassador. In 30 days, I'm going to help you Find Your Fit!

Find what makes you feel good physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, through Learning, Loving, and Living Healthy.  Learning the fundamentals of fitness, Loving yourself and Living your best life.

Overall wellness is a lifestyle that many of us struggle with today because we haven't identified ventures that service us individually.

Through observing clients, friends and my own personal experiences, I’ve discovered that fitness is a personal journey that can affect your job performance, your family, personal relationships and your

Therefore, we are getting back to the basics. It's all about the A-B-C's. During the 30 days you're going to attempt new ventures, bypass the things that do not serve you, and choose a new narrative.

When Is It?

Monday, Sept 18th-Tuesday, Oct 17th

Where Is It?

Monday, Sept 18th - Tuesday, Oct 17th

Get Fit with Nik Classes 
 Elements Barre Fit
1164 Third Ave 
(b/t 67th & 68th)

Mondays & Wednesdays

Guest Classes

Elements Barre Fit
1164 Third Ave (b/t 67th & 68th)

Mid Program Check-ins
Maya Restaurant
1191 1st Ave
(b/t 64th & 65th)

Day/Time: TBA

Ending Celebration
Serena's Wine Bar
1268 2nd Ave 
(b/t 66th & 67th)

Day/Time: TBA

Online Community, Facebook Lives, Assignments,
Weekly Check-ins, Guest Speakers

Monday, Sept 18th - Tuesday, Oct 17th

Get Fit with Nik Classes 
Mondays & Wednesdays

Guest Classes

30-Day Access to 
lululemon studio 

*Nikki will choose the class*

Mid Program Check-ins

Ending Celebration

Online Community, Facebook Lives, Assignments,
Weekly Check-ins, Guest Speakers



Tell Me More!

What does the
program include?

In-Person & Virtual Options

Three Classes/Week

  • 2 Get Fit with Nik Classes

  • 1 Guest Instructor Class (Try Something New)

  • 30-Day Access to lululemon studio

​​Online Community

  • Private online community

  • Interactive weekly assignments & questions

  • Challenges & Reflections

  • Participant spotlight Weekly Facebook Lives

  • Nutrition Guidance & Daily Mindset

lululemon Swag

Check-ins & Celebrations




How Am I Finding My Fit?

Under each component: Learning, Loving, and Living, we're addressing the problems and finding the solutions by getting back to the A-B-C's. 


Assess where you are and discover your strongest suit

Balance the basics
*Nutrition *
Exercise  *Sleep


Change is going to come



Affirm yourself and

Believe the promise

Clarify and bring into existence.



the present

Broaden Your Horizons


Celebrate You


What Am I Getting Out Of This Program?


 Learning the fundamentals and getting back to the basics.

Identifying the problems and executing the solutions.

Building a strong and purposeful foundation that you will continue to build.

Releasing weight and/or inches and ensue strength & power.


Loving yourself
by putting YOU first and being kind to yourself.

Discovering what you like and being honest about what you don't like.

 Knowing what you want, clarity & reaching your goals.

Feeling & looking good! Like what you see in the mirror inside & out.


Living life
with ease, gratitude, patience and joy.


Trying new things, taking risks, and going on adventures.

Bypassing the bullsh*t! Letting go of the


Celebrating You! Community, Fun, Outings, Prizes and Goodies!

Let's Find Your Fit!


I’m your teammate, your trainer, your sister, and most importantly, I’m your friend. 

I’m right here with you! This is deeper than push-ups & squats. I’m going to do every squat with you, I’m going to win with you, be scared with you, discover things with you, laugh and cry with you.



I’m going to enjoy that glass of wine with you. And I'm going to show up for you!  


Now, some days are going to be challenging, and some days may be deeper than others… Just remember this:

Don’t You Quit!  Find Your Fit!  And Come Rock With Nik! 

--- Nikki Kimbrough
Get Fit with Nik
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