Get Fit with Nik
30-Day Kick Off to 2020

Get Fit with Nik

30-Day Kick Off to 2020  

It takes 21-30 days to form a new habit!  

  • The habits that are good for you require cultivation and determination.  
  • The starting phase is the hardest; and sometimes results don't show up immediately.
  • In the starting phase also known as PHASE 1, you begin to:
  1. Set the foundation 
  2. Perfect the basics 
  3. Develop new habits that propel you to the next phase 
  4. And then the magic begins!
I know the holiday season is upon us and
it's so easy to say,
"I'm just going to wait to January..."  
We are not waiting!
We are kicking off 2020 NOW!  
We are getting into PHASE 1, developing new habits and building our foundation...
So when January 2020 hits,
WE are already in it! WE are Ready! Not getting ready to get ready!
Setting Ourselves Up Powerfully for 2020!
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