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Learn  Love  Live

10-Week Program includes:

  • Six-virtual workouts and/or assignments a week

  • Weekly nutrition guidance

  • Weekly creative challenges

  • One-on-one coaching weekly

  • Online community group

  • Get Fit with Nik swag and give-a-aways

  • An opportunity to attend an in-person, recovery-fit day with Nikki!

Feeling Good Begins

Nik and Steve Harvey Urban

Start Date: Monday, January 20th

Celebration Date: Friday, March 27th


Standard Price: $695

(Biv Bodies, LLC & Get Fit With Nik, Inc Production)

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(Biv Bodies, LLC & Get Fit With Nik, Inc Production)

What Can I Expect?

Learn, Love, Live Overall Wellness Program kicks off our Wonder Women Need Love Too Series. Learn, Love, Live is a 10-week virtual program where we LEARN and refresh the fundamentals of health and fitness, LOVE ourselves and LIVE our best lives!

Now this is not your quick-fix, get my body snatched in 30-days program. This is an overall wellness  program that shows how fitness can be fun, innovative and an informative lifestyle that encourages you to put yourself FIRST! And enables you to be fit physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and more. Overall wellness is the key. This program will encourage you to grow, try new things and put yourself first in learning, loving and living healthy!

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10-Weeks  3 Phases

Phase 1: LEARNING the Fundamentals of Fitness

{physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and more)

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Are you new to fitness and overall wellness, and not sure what to do first?

Have you been out the game for a minute and ready to get back in? 

Do you need a refresher to the basics?

Or are you someone that needs just a little more?

Phase 2: LOVING Yourself

(healing from the inside out)

NIkki with Ball_edited.jpg



The desire is there and you want to release the         weight, transform your body, mind and spirit… You just want and need some support in doing it.  

You are ready to have your body, mind and spirit work together to increase your metabolism, enhance your mindset, be fulfilled spiritually and look leaner and feel good.

Phase 3: Living Your Best Life

(Celebrate Your Strengths! Recognize How Dope You Are!)

Nikki Jumsuit Red.JPG



Being grateful for your journey, appreciating all of you and using your strengths and your super-power to be of service and uplift others.


Discover what makes you laugh, smile and feel good. Implement and experience it every day, living life to the fullest.

Let's Do This!

Hi! I'm Nikki Kimbrough, a former collegiate, professional athlete, Broadway performer, TV personality, fitness expert, certified personal trainer for over 15 years, amazing girlfriend to my partner Billy and an entrepreneur that gained 40 pounds.

HOW? I allowed stress, living in the past, people pleasing, focusing on others, pretending, inauthenticity, being out of integrity, lack of focus and money, money, money, and more money to burn me out, take me out of the game and have me so full of excuses that I didn’t even recognize myself!

It wasn’t the physical that was keeping me from getting to my goals… It was my mindset that  trickled to my emotions. I wasn’t feeding my soul spiritually, the thought of intimacy made me give a serious side-eye and my finances were drowning me.  And as a women in my early 40’s, It had become deeper than that.  Don’t get me wrong, I still want the nice perky butt and undeniable hamstrings, quads, arms and abs… and, I realized I needed more! 

If you know this feeling and ready for overall wellness, to feel good physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and more...

LET’S DO THIS!  Let me be your guide, your teammate, your teacher, your friend; confidant, motivator, occasional boot camp slayer and that person who understands and just gets it. That person that knows that this weight release, goal setting, getting from point A to point B is a journey that can affect your self esteem, job, family and personal life.

My requests… honesty, vulnerability, open to newness, open to be challenged and a will to achieve. Let’s do this!

Note from Nikki
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Learn  Love  Live!

Start Date: Monday, October 14th

Celebration Date: Friday, December 20th






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Standard Price: $695

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For questions and/or more info
(Biv Bodies, LLC & Get Fit With Nik, Inc Production)
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