Benefits of Joining Transforming Your Life in 15 Weeks

Giving yourself  "more" through self-care. Remember self- care is to deliberately do an activity that takes care of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

In this 15-week transformational program you are going to:

Love = Putting You First

Assess = Discover Your Strongest Suit  

Rest = Replenish Your Tool Box

This will enable you to discover and participate in new ventures; embrace and enjoy the process; assess what is and not working; rest your mind and spirit; usher in and receive the tools that you need and want; and/or open up the opportunity to dust off some old tools that you forgot you already had.  And implement and achieve REDEFINING FIT.  Doing things that make you feel good physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and so much more! 


Benefit in being forthcoming with yourself

And exchanging the problems with solutions.

We will explore the following:

Love = Putting yourself first


1.    Living with Ease

Problem: Being swept up in unimportant tasks. 

Solution: Implementing activities that

evoke vitality, balance, joy and relaxation.


2.    Opening Up and Letting In

Problem: Allowing your ego to get in the way.

Solution: Embracing your vulnerability

and asking for help.


3.    Sayin’ No, No, No, No, No…

Problem: Always saying yes; allowing your time to be used, taken and waisted.

Solution: Setting boundaries and

knowing when to say yes to things

that are aligned with your purpose

and “NO” to everything else. 

Rest = Replenishing your tool box


1.    Greet the Morning

Problem: Checking social media, emails and watching the news as soon as you open your eyes.

Solution: Begin each day balanced in mind, body and spirit with a “morning ritual,” focusing on growth mindset.


2.    Nourishing Yourself

Problem: Your to-do lists are overflowing and everything good for you falls to the bottom of your priority list. 

Solution: Getting back to the basics: nutrition, exercise, sleep, intimacy, healthy social interactions.


3.    Developing the Muscle of Consistency

Problem: Letting self-care become a random occurrence and having temptations and triggers around. 

Solution: Taking small incremental steps to make a certain action a habit and eliminating triggers. Consistency allows you to ingrain self-care practices into your routine; making self-care a part of your lifestyle. 

Assessment = Discovering your strongest suit


1.    Testing Testing…1-2-3

Problem: Unclear on who you are, what you stand for and the steps you are taking.

Solution: Taking a series of assessments of your overall strengths, identify your obstacles and define your purpose.


2.    Editing Your Schedule

Problem: Busy Life is not a productive life; distracting to the mind; detrimental to your body and destructive to your soul. 

Solution: Building a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly routine of intentional rest and self-care to bring your best to the world.


3.    Prepare For the Marathon

Problem: Looking for a quick fix; instant gratifications feel good for a moment. Not good for you long term.

Solution: Focusing on longevity; what your body, brain and soul needs for the long haul.

Remember it's not always about the physical...

Use this opportunity to also focus on the mental, emotional, 

spiritual and so much more!



Are You Ready To Join?
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